Young couple show how a socially responsible marriage would be

There are two primary choices, to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. A young couple chose to do the latter.

Marriages in India is an expensive affair, where lakhs and crores are spent to make the occasion grand. In fact, organizing weddings is a prosperous business as all people want is ‘Pomp and Show’. Contrary to this, a young couple has taken stock of the situation around them and has chosen to sacrifice the extravagance. This couple from Amaravati decided to sacrifice all this after being moved by the plight of farmers, who were committing suicide as reported by sources. There are many other things the couple did that will make everyone turn their heads and take notice.

Image courtesy: TOI

According to sources, Abhay Deware and Preeti Kumbhare decided to change the trend of marriages in India. This couple got married at Abhiyanta Bhavan in Amravati. They didn’t spend their money casually like every other Indian couple does on the ‘pomp and show’. Instead, they did it on the following:

  1. Donating Rs.20,000 each to 10 farmers’ families where the family earner committed suicide due to mounting debts.

2. Providing books of competitive examinations worth Rs 52,000 to five libraries in Amaravati

3. They had inspirational and informative speeches made to be given by notable personalities and activists.

Why expenditures on marriage should be shunned?

  •  Marriages are one of the reasons why families get into debt because of borrowing.
  •  Marriages and the money involved have cost the lives of many farmers due to their indebtedness.

It is true that Indians spend a lot of money on marriages even though we know that there are many who cannot afford their next meal. Let us take inspiration from this couple and spread the word where we make our marriages more compassionate and humble keeping in mind the distress faced by many of our fellow citizens.

Read more about the reasons behind suicides of farmers here.



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