The World’s Largest Community kitchen located in India

India is not only the largest democracy but a country which has  milieu of cultures, heritages, traditions and religious beliefs. The pages of history book tell us ‘India- Unity in Diversity’. However, when the religious battles are being fought, the class and caste oppressions are degrading the harmony in the country while the Sikhs are all set to reunite people at large!

Most of us might have heard of the word ‘Langar’ or ‘Common Kitchen’? Yes, the gurdwaras – (Sikhs’ Holy places) are entitled to have them. But the Golden Temple in Amritsar the abode of the Sikh Gurus has the biggest Langar in the world. It is the place which feeds lakhs of people together without a penny! The funds are raised through voluntary donations and they make arrangements for feeding around 80,000 people from any faith, class or caste every day of the week. The weekends see a double crowd visiting the Langar for a sumptuous vegetarian lunch. The vegetarian food is served so that people having diet restrictions and any kind of food habit can eat in the Langar. Every morning one can see, tons of whole wheat flat bread being prepared in the machines, Onion is freshly chopped, tons of lentils are bubbling in huge pot prepared by a devoted disciples of the Golden Temple. The metal plates are readily washed for serving the guests. The festive days see over one lakh people eating peacefully in the Langar. The tasty, savoury food brings together different people from a varied origin who sits and eats together like a family.

- Excellent quality food is served for the Langar.
– Excellent quality food is served for the Langar

All the diners sit on the floor cross-legged to relish the meals served courteously by the people of various religion. The economic backgrounds or class or caste do not take a stroll in this place as it creates an amalgamation of humanity and peace. No visitor visiting this place ever returns without eating a meal from Langar. It should be noted that they do not ever fall short of food, however big is the crowd! It is stated that Golden Temple has more number of visits per day than Taj mahal!




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