This woman scaled Mt Everest twice in five days

Anshu Jamsenpa
Anshu Jamsenpa unfurls the Indian flag on May 16, 2017 at 9am. (Source: HT)

Anshu Jamsenpa from Arunachal Pradesh, broke records when she climbed the world’s tallest peak for the fifth time. Her fourth ascent was on May 16 and the fifth on May 19. This made her the first woman to have climbed the peak twice in five days and the first woman in India to scale Mount Everest for five times.

She shows that determination can deter no one. A mother of two, her husband Tsering Wange is the president of All Arunachal Pradesh Mountaineering and Adventure Sports Association. The association motivated her to take up mountaineering in 2009.

Anshu’s tryst with the Everest

This was not the first double ascent attempted by the 32 year old. On her first attempt, Jamsenpa scaled the Everest twice in 10 days in 2011. However, being a woman and a mother of two young girls, it was not easy for her to not feel the negativity surrounded by the normatives. Still, she chose to remain positive and continue her passion of mountaineering.

She met the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama in Guwahati on 2 April. Blessed by him, she ascended Mount Everest and reached the top on 16 May.

“When I made it up there first, the feeling was overpowering; more like being closer to God. I had goosebumps all over my body. I guess it was more like once you are up there, you always have the urge to go back,” Jamsenpa recalls.

On 19 May, she had scaled the peak for the second time in five days, along with a Nepali mountaineer Furi Sherpa. This time she had beat the record set by a Nepali woman, Chhurim Sherpa, who made the dual climb in seven days in 2011.

“The second ascent required a lot of pushing on my behalf. I believe that if you want something really bad, pain wILL never be an obstacle”

After this amazing feat, she has set new goals for herself. She plans on climbing the summit Kangto, the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh, which is 7,042 metres (23,103 feet) tall and has never been climbed. Her eyes are set on the other unclimbed peaks of India. The North East Tourism has also nominated her as their brand ambassador.

For adventure enthusiasts and everybody else, Anshu Jamsenpa prevails as a role model who has shown incredible strength and determination by this achievement.


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