Woman saw a child begging and what she did next is amazing !!

                 What happens when you see a child begging in a railway station or  bus stop ? You ignore them or give them a buck or two. But this woman became their mother. Kanta Chakraborty , a 44 year old woman from Kolkata works in Behala school near Dum Dum railway station, Kolkata. Every day she passes by the station and she was moved after watching many children aged between 3-10 resorting to begging at an age when they should have books in their hands.

                  Kanta decided she should take some action when one of the children asked her ‘who will teach us’ in response to Kanta question of why you don’t go to school.  Kanta was afraid to take the first step but after gaining encouragement from her husband, Chandan, she started teaching children at the station before and after school hours.

              According to Telegraph , in 2008, she registered the Niharkana Rehabilitation Centre. Since then, she starts the day at 5am and leaves her Dum Dum home at 7.30am. The next 90 minutes are devoted to her ‘daughters’ on platform No. 1 — a curtained-off portion to the left of subway number two — bathing them, helping them with their school work, feeding them and then packing them off for the day to the Muktadhara Corporation Vidyalaya.

                She then heads off to school, only to be back on the platform, this time at the entry to the Metro station, by 6pm. She returns home after she has put the girls to bed.

             Kanta’s activity started with funds from her own pocket but as soon as the commuters understood what is happening beside the curtains, they used to provide with old clothes, stationery, food and voluntary donations etc.

         “I wish they would make a railway school. So many lives could be saved. How much can one do alone,” wondered Kanta. “Didi asked me if I wanted to study, I said yes. I used to beg, now I go to school” said little Roshan Banu

           For her activity, she was awarded with Frank Brothers Honour for an Educationist at The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence. “The honour I was given reassured me that I was doing a job that was much needed,” said Kanta.

             The Positive News salutes the efforts by this woman. Do you know any positive activity happening in and around you? Please let us know. Come and join in the mission to spread positivity.

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