Young girl’s innovative shower saves 80% water

Shrusti nerkar
Shrusti with her invention

           Some say – Future wars will be fought for water and it is true. Even the most developed countries are reeling under water scarcity. India is not an exemption. Over 70 % of the country is suffering from water crisis during peak summers. Experts suggest conservation is the only solution. While rain water harvesting is gaining momentum, we still are not worried about spending less water.

      Especially, the affluent use more water as they can afford it. Most of the domestic water consumption is due to showers and they consume a lot of water (about 80 Liters for a single shower) . A grade VI student named Shrusti Nerkar from Nashik, thought why can’t we optimise it. She was inspired by a car wash company claiming to clean their car with only 2 liters of water. She saw the special type of sprinklers they used and she decided to apply it to showers.

   After two months of struggle and four failed prototypes, she finally succeeded in designing special shower which uses only 15 liters of water for a single shower. It can save about 80% water compared to traditional counterparts.

     Shrusti has applied for a patent of her new invention. Her older brother Amey who studies in grade 12 holds a patent for inventing smart helmet which doesn’t  allow one’s scooter to start till it is worn by the rider. Their father, Narendra Nerkar, a professor of electronics at the government polytechnic college, swells with pride at the accomplishments of his children



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