This SP adopts a village,the transformation is just amazing

Grama Jyothi Programme is a initiative by Telangana Government to develop the villages. The Chief Minister of Telangana insisted that government servants should adopt a village and develop it. Responding to his call, Vikram Jeet Duggal, Superintendent of Police , Nalgonda District came forward and adopted Gundlapally village of Nalgonda District.

Reverse Osmosis Plant at village (Image source : The Hindu )

The village lacked a gram panchayat building on its own and he motivated villagers to build one for themselves. A donor from village came forward and donated three guntas of land. The villagers were facing several problems due to lack of safe drinking water. Mr. Duggal came forward along with some donors and built a reverse osmosis plant. He learnt that many youth from village are preparing for competitive exams and the library of the village was repaired immediately . The officer went a step forward and procured books for students.

Mr.Vikram Jeet also obtained ‘tree guards’ to protect the saplings recently planted during Haritha Haram. The police personnel along with the villagers filled up a huge unused open agriculture well by transporting about 300 loads of soil. The sarpanch said that the well used to pose danger to the villagers. They also removed bushes along the roads as youth came forward voluntarily to work with the police personnel

Sp Vikram Jeet Duggal

Mr. Duggal told The Hindu  that it is the first good step in bringing a change in people. “We are planning to improve the agriculture productivity of the village by introducing best farm technology. Improving the skill base of youth and women by offering various skill enhancement programmes is also on the list, Mr. Vikram Jeet Duggal said. Not to say, the crime rate came down in the village as expected by the Police.



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