Versova: Inspired by Swachh Bharat, residents clean beach

           Accumulation of waste on land causes pollution that could pose a major threat to the environment. This happens mostly in the areas where people gather in large numbers. Beaches are such areas that get easily polluted by tourists and business outlets set up for the tourists. This causes inconvenience to both the people visiting that place and the people who settle down around these areas.
Residents around the Versova beach in Mumbai have faced a similar issue. After repeated complaints to the concerned authorities that were left unaddressed, the residents took up the initiative to clean the beach area. This drive was carried by many people who joined the group called Versova Residents Volunteers (VRV). Members from the United Nations have also joined with them to clean up this beach which became highly polluted due to the accumulation of waste from the Mangroves in this region. The rainy season often worsened the condition here. Lewis Pugh who was declared the ‘Patron of Oceans’ by the UN also participated this drive which was organized in the last week of July this year.

Image Credits : DNA India

      Volunteers from Koli Samaj (the fishermen community), the Andheri Bar Association lawyers, students from the Whistling Woods Film and Television Institute and the All India Plastic Manufacturers’ representatives have all taken active participation in the cleaning up of the Versova Beach. The Western Zone additional solicitor General Anil C Singh was also a part of this endeavor.They collected and disposed around 2,84,000 kgs of waste from the region around jetties. All the collected waste was dispensed off in the garbage dump located in Deonar. Around 673 shoes were found across the radius of 10 meters.  The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation said that they have also tried to clean up this region which often becomes clogged during the monsoon.

image Credits : The Hindustan Times

This group also set out on boats and collected around 100 kgs of waste on the creek of Malad region. It comprised mostly of plastic bags and food packets.

This initiative to clean up the region of beach in Versova deserves a salute from all the citizens. It inspires us to take up measures to clean our locality and help maintain the beauty of such places. This would indeed help create a cleaner and healthier India!



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