This man serving a complete meal for one rupee since 8 years

This generation can hardly imagine anything worth rupee one! Times are gone when people could complete their monthly ration for one rupee. The high market prices have indeed taken over the world markets and poor people still suffer unable to meet their ends . However, you’ll be surprised to learn there is a mess in Erode, Kerala run by a generous man, Venkataraman , where one rupee complete meal is still available  Wondering where?
So, here is this couple from Erode has a wonderful vision of helping the poor not just a day but everyday. Venkataraman runs AVM mess in front of a government hospital. Once, an old woman came to Venkataraman’s mess and asked for idlis for her sick husband when it was not available. Instead he offered, 3 dosas for 10 bucks to which she said that she cannot afford them . He immediately offered her 6 dosas at the same rate. Since then he thought of assisting the needy who visit this hospital with a three time meal worth 1 rupee.

He  later visited a government hospital at his place and came to know that most of the patients are all citizens below poverty line. The couple decided to ensure token systems for the attenders of these patients such that they can get meal at a nominal rate. They give out 70 tokens for breakfast  where they serve three dosas and two idlis for breakfast. For the lunch they give out 40 coupons where a 5 item meal is distributed for 1 Rupee. The dinner finds 20 coupons where they serve dosa and chapattis.


The meal which  costs 50 bucks for the public are served at the most nominal cost to these needy people. Venkataraman says that although he runs in a loss he makes this endeavour to be of some help to the needy. He plans to increase the token up to 100 in the next year. He further says that although he could have distributed the meals for free, he claims one rupee such that the food is not wasted. The attenders are not allowed to eat the meal in the mess so that they can share with others in the hospital! This service indeed calls for a applause from the society.



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