From Running Free Canteens To Driving Funeral Vans- ‘Vella Bobby’ Is Serving Living and Dead!

You might have read about a lot of people serving humans and helping them to live a better life. But today, we present the story of a man who doesn’t only serves the living, but the dead too.

Sarbjit Singh- Serving Living And Dead

A blend of Passion and Humanity, Sarbjeet Singh is a Shimla based Philanthropist who provides solace to both living and dead. Lovingly called by his nickname ‘Bobby Bhai’ is a boon to the people of Shimla who provides a healing touch to numerous people even till their last journey.

A Service To The Dead:

At a time when even the paid drivers fail to transport the dead bodies for the final rituals, this selfless man comes forward and volunteer for the service. He has been rendering this service from past 8 years who has never refused a call, even at odd hours. He has even transported badly decomposed bodies which lie unclaimed at hospital mortuaries, for last rites by Shimla Municipal Corporation.

He requested the society to allow him to ferry bodies after 5 pm until morning, thus removing all religious and caste barriers. He says,

“Back then, cremation and burial grounds used to be pretty far from the hospitals which had no vehicle for transporting dead bodies. As a result, many families used to find it difficult to transport the dead bodies for their last rites. Also, after 5 pm, the people were helpless as there was no facility in town to help them do this.

Since I also like driving, I decided to lend a helping hand by driving a funeral van to ferry bodies 24 x 7 and free of cost. In 2012, with the help of citizens, I bought my own crowdfunded van for the free service. Till date, I have ferried more than 5,000 bodies.”

The Blood Donation Camps:

Mr. Sarbjeet Singh ensures that nobody dies due to the shortage of blood in the hospitals of Shimla. This Noble Journey started from organizing voluntary blood donation camps at regular intervals in the city. He has been organizing the camps every Sunday at The Ridge, Shimla for over 11 years, and has successfully collected over 20,000 units of Blood for the hospitals of Shimla.

While talking about his Journey, he says,

“It all started 12 years back when I used to volunteer with the local gurudwara and help them organize blood donation camps. Over time, the gurudwara stopped organizing blood donation camps. However, I decided to continue on my own.”

“Shimla, being the capital of Himachal, is where people from all over the state come for treatment. Therefore, there is always a shortage of blood in Shimla’s main hospitals – Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) and Kamala Nehru hospital. So, I knew that I Cannot stop here.”

He has been so dedicated and reliable that all the blood banks have his contact number because he is the man with the needed resources and anybody can count on him in the case of emergencies.

The Canteen Services To The Underprivileged:

Another novel idea to serve the underprivileged struck him in the year 2014. He started a free canteen that offers tea and biscuits and evening meal of Daal-Chawal to the patients and attendants visiting Indira Gandhi Medical College in Shimla. This service was initiated for the poor who are already bogged down with the cost of treatment.

Vella bobby says, “I was always pained to see the poor patients and attendents who don’t even have money for 2 square meals a day and yet have to incur huge treatment cost at the hospitals.”

“It is similar as hosting langars at gurudwaras. The only difference is that i organize it for the poor at hospitals. that is more noble according to me.”

He Extends His Services With Chapatti Banks:

In 2016, his NGO- Almighty Blessings started another free canteen at Shimla’s Largest Hospital -Kamla Nehru Hospital. Other Than This, he has extended his social service by initiating the concept of ‘Chapatti Banks’ in his town. It involves collecting free chapattis every day from volunteer families and serve the poor and underprivileged.

He also plans to build a free shelter for patients and their attendants in the near future.

Even The CM Of Himachal Pradesh Recognises Him. So Should You!

The  Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sh Virbhadra Singh inaugurated the Langar hall at a Cancer Hospital in Shimla. The CM  blessed Vella Bobby for his services and even visited several times to serve Langar every month. The Langar Hall is often visited by his wife Smt Pratibha Singh Ji, their son Vikramaditya Singh, and daughter in order to provide Seva. Everyday their Cook brings chapattis from their house for the ‘Langar’ service.

He is The Most ‘Vella’ Person:

He spends so much time in social service that people now call him ‘Vella Bobby‘ with affection. ‘Vella‘ in Punjabi is denoted to a person who does nothing and thus has a lot of time. The ‘Most Vella Man’ on the Earth says,

“People in shimla call me ‘vella bobby.’ even my mother says me that. it doesn’t offend me. instead i thank the ‘Almighty’ that he made me so ‘vella’ that i can now actually spend all my time in the service of humanity.”

If you ask about his earnings and how he manages to earn bread for his family, he says,

My shoe business is enough for my family to survive. In fact, my family is my real support for all my philanthropic services.”

He is an Ordinary man with extraordinary services. This Humble Man says,

I am an ordinary man and every person can be like me. I only desire that there should be more than one sarbjeet who would continue to uplift the underprivileged.”

At the age of 40s when people are busy making money and saving for retirement, this man is busy serving the needy. He also uses social media platforms to encourage people to join his initiatives. To know more about him or to connect with him, visit his Facebook page.

He talks about his motivation, his journey and also shares Some Heart-wrenching experiences in a TEDx Talk.

In case of Emergencies, or if you wish to be a part of his initiatives, you can contact him over phone on his contact number 9418061000.




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