This Pune doctor is on a mission to save girl child

            Female foeticide is rampant in Maharastara and this doctor decided to fight it. His name is Dr. Ganesh Rakh and he runs a hospital in Pune’s Hadapsar area. What makes this doctor special? – He runs a ‘Save girl child’campaign in a unique way in his hospital.

              Whenever a girl child is born in his hospital, he waives of the entire medical expenses for that family . Not only that, the entire hospital starts celebrations to welcome the new born by distributing of sweets. When asked why he has started this initiative, he replies – “In this area, whenever a boy is born, people celebrate it like a festival. Relatives pour in and everyone are in joyous mood. Even if  care is required like neo natal treatment, they provide best treatment. In the case of a girl child, relatives disappear and the whole family descends into gloom. They treat the new born girl child with little care”

              I want to make a change in the callous attitude of the parents and thus begin this initiative of providing free treatment for girl births. Let me tell you, he has not inherited any fortune from his forefathers. His father was a coolie. He says, “We manage this with whatever little we make.” The building in which he runs his hospital is not his own, but on rent. Right from the landlord, some consulting doctors, to the staff of the hospital, they all equally participate in this cause. Consulting doctors don’t charge them on the birth of a girl; staff people understand if they can’t withdraw their salaries on time.

It is rightly said, that there is more to kindness than signing cheques in public. Dr. Ganesh Rakh is a true ambassador of “save the girl child” campaign. And an inspiration for our society.


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