Fighting the plastic usage : The yellow way !!

            Krishnan and Gowri, a couple from the city of Madurai led a contended life employed in MNCs. The birth of their child in the year 2010 came out to be a turning point in their life. The increasing production of waste due to use of non-biodegradable plastic materials acted as a catalyst to change their ways of thoughts. They decided that it was high time people sought for alternative resources. So, they came out with the Yellow Bag initiative.

Yellow Bag

Both of them resigned from their jobs. They took up the mission to provide cloth bags for regular use really seriously. As the plastic bags contain chemicals like xylene which are non-biodegradable, they took up the measure to make and sell cloth bags made of pure cotton. They started the production in rural India, employing women from various sectors. They noticed that sewing machine was losing their use. So, they started employing women who could work from home using their sewing machines to stitch the bags. This initiative also hosts campaigns to make people aware of the worst case scenarios of using plastic bags. Colours and dyes are strictly avoided as they cause pollution. Instead the bags are manually printed in order to make them attractive. Till date they are successful in making 50,000 bags. The members in the initiative are looking forward to file PIL to amend the Waste Management regulations.

Yellow Bag

They strictly look forward to avoid use of plastic in packaging of tobacco and gutkas. There must be strict BIS standard plastics that are put to use and preventing packaging of foods in compostable plastic bags. Besides being an environment friendly initiative, this program includes the view of employment to the unemployed sections who struggle to make their ends meet. They aim to manufacture around a lakh clothes bag per month employing more women and men in this initiative. Such an effort to make world a better place is really a commendable mark in the field sustainable development.Yellow Bag

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