When changemakers change, change is inevitable !!

             Child marriage is the most vicious social evil predominant in the country even today. The inhabitants of the hamlets are still convinced that marrying off children at a tender age brings in peace and tranquillity in their life. Rajasthan has a record of child marriages which has seen no decrease.

child marriage
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          To give this social evil a break the marriage tent dealers united under the banner of Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraya Vyavsayi Samiti and have decided not to offer tents to the family who are organizing child marriages. Around 47,000 tent dealers have unanimously decided that they would go into complete non- cooperation with these families. Statistics show that despite all the laws and regulations that are laid down by the government to curb this social evil, people from the villages of districts like Chittorgarg, Banswara, Jhunjhunu, Churu, Durangpur and many more have continued this practice. Especially during the Akha Teej season most child marriages happen as it is considered auspicious to get children married during this time.

Ravi Jindal, the President of this organisation has told TOI that they would strictly discourage to be a part of such events. They have collectively decided that they would seek to see the birth certificates of the bride and the groom before dealing with the parents. If they find it to be child marriage reports will be made to the police and other government institutions which play an important role in curbing them. If they are provided with false documents the police will be immediately informed about the crime! Jindal is convinced that all 47000 tent dealers will work towards putting an end to a custom which nips of the bud at a young age! This effort by these businessmen will definitely show a new ray of hope in eliminating the foul custom from the society.


  1. This very important decision by Ravi Jindal must be praised because it does reduce issues that are directly related to child marriage!! Continue to educate women and men, from within the communities there must be parents that see the benefit in saying NO to child marriage, these are the role models that could spread the word.


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