From Suicide thought to becoming first women driver in the city

Today we write about a relentless struggle of brave woman who fought a fierce battle against all her odds in her life. Tabassum was girl who was born to BPL family from a small village , Narsimghad in UP. Her struggle started with her marriage.  Her in laws treated her cruelly in an attempt to get more dowry. She was denied food and was beaten regularly.  Unable to bear the torture, she decided to take away her life. But one thing stopped her – a smile on her daughter’s face. She realized that it is not a right step.

Image for representational purpose only.

With no other option, she left her in laws house and decided to travel to Allahabad. She didn’t have enough money for travel fares then. So, she walked 50kms with her daughter and reached Allahabad.  There she rested below Yamuna bridge and her daughter was crying continuously due to hunger. An old man passing by noticed her and took her to Sister Shiba Johns. And her life changed drastically there onwards.

Sister Shiba counseled her everyday and motivated her to learn some skills so that she can do job and earn her own money. Tabassum started learning two wheeler and then she learned four wheeler too .And now she drives an electric Auto Rickshaw and she is the first woman in the entire city to do so.  Today , she supports her entire family and her daughter studies in a decent school in Allahabad. She never went to school but today she know how to read and write.

She told Sakshi  – “a lot of passengers motivate, encourage and applaud her”.  In her free time, she offers free rides to poor school children. She helps many women who are in similar situations like her.  Indeed an inspirational story it is.

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