Mathemagician Anand Kumar : The man who defined what ‘Super’ is

“Anand aa Gaya!”, announced a happy old woman of a trouble-torn poor family in Gandia math of Patna, when a baby boy was born into the home of Rajendra Prasad and Jayanthi Devi on the 1st of January, 1973.

Super 30 – Spreading ‘Anand’

30 years after that new year day, a new era began – Super 30. The mission of spreading ‘Anand’ into 30 families every year directly and into millions of homes through inspiration. Super -30 was founded in 2002 in Patna by this simple looking miraculous young man,  Anand – a mathematical genius. At Super 30, Anand Kumar offers free IIT-JEE coaching every year to 30 poor yet talented students. The success rate has been amazingly high, beyond the imagination of everyone including Anand himself. 18/30(first batch) in 2003 ; 22/30 in 2004 ; 26/30 in 2005 ; 28/30 in 2006 and in 2007, 08, 09 a straight hat trick. And there has never been looking back.

This prompted ‘The Hindu’ to say  “One is tempted to call him Midas”  and the ‘NewsWeek’  said, “One of the four most innovative schools in the world”. Barrack Obama sent his emissary to personally congratulate Anand on his successful and inspirational accomplishments. Many internationally reputed institutions invited him to address their students !! Documentaries have been made by foreign directors picturing the heights scaled by the students moulded at Super 30.

Super 30 - Spreading 'Anand'
Super 30 – Anand Kumar

Intelligence has not been alone in realizing the dreams of the downtrodden. Intention coupled with never shaken commitment, consistent and confident building measures and concerted competence-promoting efforts has been yielding the incredible fruits.

As a young boy, Anand was not just intelligent but inquisitive too. He experimented boldly. He found out various different ways of solving mathematical problems. He read books on Maths and Science. He discovered the influence of Cambridge University on the world famous mathematicians. He dreamt of joining that great institute. He applied for it without the mandatory application fee. Yet, he got the admission letter!! The reason, his mathematical genius as evident in the enclosed research papers! Yet he couldn’t go there due to his acute poverty conditions.

These pangs of poverty prompted Anand to ponder over it persistently. His intentions started taking shape over years. His younger brother, Pranav’s ready support came handy. His mother’s cautious but willing contribution added the much-needed encouragement. Thus Super-30 took birth in 2002.  ‘Courage’ is too small a word to describe a papad selling young man’s initiative to offer free coaching and boarding to 30 students a year.

Anand firmly believes in the power of education as a weapon to fight poverty with. And equipping the poor with this effective tool has been a strong motive behind Anand’s Super-30.

Another excellent strategy Anand adopts for his success is the use of creative cartoon characters to instil confidence in his students from weaker backgrounds. After that task is achieved, their competence flowers at a rapid rate and Anand personally monitors their continuous march towards progress!


Over 400 students from Super 30 have so far realised their dream of joining IITs. Anand’s support continues even after that. Anand made it a strong principle to never accept donations or any sort of help from anyone. He doesn’t want to give any scope for controversy.

He never deviates from his set of rules for admission. The only instance of exemption was in the case of Anup, a boy from an extremism infected area. Anand’s idea was to save the boy from falling a prey to extremism’s lures.

Super 30 prepares aspirants for IIT-JEE. But it offers many valuable lessons for policymakers, administrators, and educators to pick up! He has been practicing many ideas with not even an iota of preaching! His love towards humanity reaches out to the international fora with this appeal – using the modern technology to promote man making education, not to make money making machines!

The ancient glory seems to have come back to the land of Buddha and Takshila.



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