OM Creations : Stunning paintings from who are ‘DOWN’

             We often presume that people with certain physical or mental disability are not as good as the normal ones are. By ‘we’, I am referring to our patriarchal society. We whole-heartedly give credits to many renaissance men among us who channel their brimming expressionism into passionate strokes on a canvas.

This article will leave you stunned by the outstanding achievements of people with down syndrome at OM Organisation.

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 ART (Paintings) as a mode of Therapy

Art is centrally pivoted to the lives of adults going through the Down syndrome and is the primary medium favored by them. They use it to share their thoughts, feeling and emotions. Several studies have also linked art for specially-abled human being to therapy that helps in developing their cognitive and motor skills. It helps them improve focus, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem and conjure up a sense of achievement.

The creation of Om

Om creations was found by Radhika which consists of a group of Down syndrome victims who create paintings on canvas and sell them. On the teething troubles, Om Creations faced, Radhika says,

“The early years of Om Creations were tough. Slow sales, low awareness, lack of space, there was a need for trained hands and volunteers. But it only made the core team more resilient and ready to find innovative solutions to achieve our objective”.

Om Creations manages a brief of more than 200 products. These incorporate paintings, bags, wallets, scarves and food, such a baked stuff, chocolates and made-to-order meals.

The true colors of these special individuals

“The products created at Om Creations are of superior quality. They provide a therapeutic impact on its creators. The day-to-day making of a diverse range of products is a creative healing therapy for the beneficiaries,” says Radhika.

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‘Down syndrome’ has been derived from the term Trisomy 21. Hence, the art event has been conceptualized to depict their growth over years of training by the organization. “Each piece depicts and reveals a story, a feeling, an expression and an underlying dream which Om Creations is striving to make true,” says Radhika.

You can contact the organization through the following links and contact number:

  1. Official link:
  2. Link for products:
  3. Contact number: +91-22-24972294

Furthermore, you may make donations to help them grow! In fact, check out the amazing range of their products and show some love.



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