Students illuminating lives of villagers after 69 years darkness

Most  Engineers are generally  work for major  multinational companies. However, giving this trend of money making a break, these students from Bengaluru’s MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology put their project application to practical use. Their project was to supply electricity to rural villages which doesnt have transmission lines using MicroGrid Technology powered by solar panels. The students Sunny Arokia Swamy, Balachandran M Hegde, Kumara Swamy and Kotresh Veerapura has introduced their innovative lighting technique to light up the villages of Khangav and Gatkhunang which remained in complete darkness for last 69 years.


The government of Kerala and the Centre has failed to illuminate these two remote villages where development seemed to have been a dream. But these, young and enthusiastic bunch of students have changed their lives forever! The villagers had never seen a light bulb till these students took the initiative to bring in electricity using solar power.

They initially surveyed the places, from February 5th of 2016 as they wanted to install their inventions where it is a dire necessity. They scrutinized for two days along Western Ghats and realized that the lives there were indeed troublesome as there were no roads or electricity! Thereafter, their Head of the Department was informed who readily agreed to help them out with this venture. Since, these villages lacked the basic infrastructure they had to set up solar power installations. Soon 20 systems were constructed worth 20,000 bucks each! They worked with sheer perseverance and got the system installed in April consisting of 100Wp Solar panel, 65Ah battery, 3 bulbs and 1 tube. It is designed to support 4 source of power for 48 hours. They have  taught he villagers the maintenance of the system and equipped the local electricians to do the necessary servicing when required.

The innovation, dedication towards society and effort is indeed worthy of praise and appreciation. The Positive India praises their endeavour towards the still backward people of the Indian society! Since the last month,  18 household of these villages have been privileged with power supply.
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