Man feeds street kid in restaurant. His bill will surprise you !!

We see a lot of children begging on roads for food but many time we just give a coin or two. A man from Kerala whose name has not been disclosed went to a restaurant,  Hotel Sabrina, run by C Narayanan, in Malappuram in Kerala for dinner, after an all day long meeting, and placed his order. As his order was getting ready he saw a child waiting outside looking eagerly at the food being served on all  tables.

Now, the man decided he should do something and invited the boy to come in. The boy not only came inside but also brought his sister with him.  The man ordered the food for kids too. The kids relished the food and quietly washed their hands on completion and profoundly thanked the man and went away.

Akhilesh with the bill he received in Malayalam

Everything seems usual till now and the surprising thing comes now. The man requested for the bill and after seeing the bill he stood speech less.  The bill had no amount, but a message for him. It read, “We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you.”

              The man posted this story on facebook and it was first picked up by a facebook page “Right Thinkers” and then by India today and thereafter it went viral over the internet. Finally the man was traced out to be Akhilesh Kumar, working as a senior technical sales engineer at Power Solution Industries LLC, in Dubai.



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