Solar power leads to shut down of 37 coal mines

Coal India has announced that it would be shutting down 37 of its sites.

The Government of India is making its way to gradually shift from coal to renewable energy, that is solar power. Coal as a non-renewable energy source is damaging to the environment in many ways. Along with causing serious air pollution leading to respiratory diseases, the industrial waste from coal mining destroys habitat and landscapes. So the shutting down of 37 mines of the world’s largest coal industry Coal India, comes as a efficacious news towards making India greener and environment friendly.

Coal India has announced that due to no longer being economically viable and it will shut down its 37 mines. According to a report by The Independent, the company which produces around 82 per cent of India’s coal, said the mines would be decommissioned by March 2018. It amounts to around 9 percent of the state-run firm’s sites and will save around 800 crore rupees.

New York Times reported that India’s air is responsible for around 1.1 million deaths in the country every single year. The decline of coal burning for power will improve the air quality. It will also save lives as efforts move toward cleaner energy.

Way forward for solar power

UN has released a new report saying that India’s population will continue to boom. It is projected to surpass China’s 1.4 billion by 2024. To counter the ever increasing population, increase in solar power or any clean energy is necessary. The country has promised to ensure that every car in India by 2030 will be electric!

Analyst Tim Buckley said, “Measures taken by the Indian government to improve energy efficiency coupled with ambitious renewable energy targets and the plummeting cost of solar has had an impact on existing as well as proposed coal-fired power plants.” According to his article on the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis’s website, 13.7 GW of planned coal power projects have been cancelled so far this month. This indicates the coming greener days.

Solar energy prices have decreased dramatically recently, which has affected the coal industry greatly. A report by Delhi-based research group, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), found that if the cost of renewable energy continued to fall at the same rate, India could phase out coal completely by 2050!

Sounds like an amazing news for India!


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