Smile Foundation bringing more Smiles in Rural India.

Smile Foundation is a national level development organization founded in 2002. It has been directly benefiting over 40,000 children and their families every year through 158 welfare projects over 25 states across the country. They work around thematic aspects such as Education, Healthcare, Youth Employability and Empowerment of women and girls.

Mission Education:

Since 2002, more than 200,000 children have directly benefited from the Mission Education program. It works for education for needy children who are under difficult circumstances, such as child labor, poverty, children inflicted and affected with HIV/AIDS, street and runaway children, children with rare disabilities, disaster struck children and children from the slums. This year, the NGO has given infrastructure support to 34 educational centers and 8000 children across 46 locations in India have received nutrition support.


Smile on Wheels:

This initiative by the NGO provides a mobile health care program that brings quality healthcare to the doorsteps of the needy. This seeks to address problems of mobility, accessibility, and availability of primary health care with a special focus on women and children in urban slums and remote rural areas. This year, the initiative helped 354,088 people, out of which 3886 were children. Santanu Mishra, co-founder of the NGO, says,

“While education is the cornerstone of children’s progress, children can only go to school regularly when the family, particularly the mother, is healthy and empowered, and the family has decent livelihood opportunities and a steady income.”



The Swabhiman is a strategically formulated program by the Smile Foundation that focuses on the essential social requisite of saving the girl child, empowering the poor and supporting women empowerment. It features to have a four folded novel approach, namely, Seeking healthcare as a behavior, support for education, supporters in men through male involvement, and sustaining the change in communities. The program also identifies potential adolescent girls and women from the community and trains them to become change agents. This creates not just awareness about reforming issues like women empowerment being a responsibility, but also helps them contribute back to their own community on these key issues. This year, 68,030 women & girl children were benefited, out of which, 112 women and adolescent girls were trained to be Change Agents. Health awareness and access were provided to 41,412 women and girls, and educational support was provided to 92 girls.


Smile Foundation continues to better the lives of citizens from the rural India, more effectively, women and children. For a developing country like India that needs new social reforms and mindsets, Smile Foundation strongly creates change that the country and its people need to get inclined to.



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