Crop yield doubled by this small device

                   Mohd Aziz, a small farmer from Rameswaram Banda in Medak District achieved the feat of doubling the crop production using a simple device for treating the water used for the agriculture.

              The small device is magneto hydro dynamic based device which reduces the salinity (salt content) of water. In short this device converts the hard water into soft water in a non chemical way using magnetic field. This small device, named SHAKTIMAN, has been developed by Bharat Chheda, an innovator and proprietor Puro Products . The product was tested on trail basis by Agri-Business Development Centre of the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT).

Crop at Aziz farm / Image credits : The Hindu

              Mr. Aziz who purchased the device for Rs. 40,000 said that he used to get only 30  bags paddy earlier but now he has got an yield of 70 bags. He has also said that the device is worth the investment.

              According to the The Hindu, “This device can soften any type of hard water. The magnets in the device varies based on salinity of the water, the pump size and water flow etc” says Bharat.

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