Siwan’s Rani Lakshmibai Club is awakening a will to succeed in girls

On one hand, girls in villages are either becoming child labors or getting married at an early age. On the other hand, Siwan, a constituency in Bihar is showing a new ray of hope to girls. A group of girls of Marwa block in Siwan are setting examples for all other girls of the area. Sanjay Pathak is the mentor who guides and motivated these girls. He is the sole motivator and pillar of strength for these girls. He coaches nearly 70 girls, who, under his supervision are excelling in various fields of sports.

Girls of Siwan gearing up for practice

How it all began

In 2009, Pathak received a divine message encouraging him to do something for the girls of his village. He started with just 2 girls and gradually progressed to having a large group of girls under his mentorship.

The practice ground

The girls brace themselves every morning to set out towards their practice ground 15 km away in Lakshmipur village. However, Pathak had started his mission on a vacant stretch of land. People of the village ridiculed him saying that the land wasn’t his and he had no right to it. Hence, he decided to level his one-acre agriculture land and created the practice ground in Lakshmipur. He has named the ground as “Himeshwar Khel Vikas Kendra” and the girls’ group as “Rani Lakshmibai Club”.

Pathak’s perseverance and the girls’ victory

Every day the girls practice various sports like football, hockey, handball, and athletics while Pathak keeps an eye on them. He ensures that they practice well and become masters in their respective sports. Not only this, he encourages all girls to go to school and study. The girls have already been winning medals at national- and international-level meets.

Siwan is changing

The identity of women in Siwan is much suppressed as compared to those of men. The sex ratio is skewed at 940 girls for 1000 boys. Pathak with his endless efforts is trying to change the face of Siwan and bring accolades to its name. He only believes in giving a deaf ear to all the rebukes and criticism. He is firm in his conviction to make the girls independent and help them achieve in life.


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