SIMPLY BLOOD : World’s First Virtual Blood Donation Platform

We all receive a plethora of messages on social media that request blood donors to volunteer help in case of various medical emergencies. People willing to donate blood do the same at government hospitals and blood donation camps, hoping that it might help the needy. While the act in itself might be helpful, the help is not always conveyed. Kiran Verma, having faced such  significant life overhauling moments founded the World’s first virtual blood donation platform- Simply blood.

Kiran Verma, Founder of Simply Blood

Kiran’s experiences that lead the foundation of Simply Blood:

Kiran lost his mother to cancer at a tender age of 7. Unable to cope with the loss he cut himself loose of the family ties and started living on his own. Kiran was a school dropout who sold posters to support his living and later worked as a freelancer. Her (mother) death was nothing to do with blood but that left me all alone. I realized the meaning of losing your beloved at an early age. I took an oath that I will do something for the mankind. Just after I turned 18, I started donating blood after every three months,’’ says Kiran.

By the time the second shock set in, he had developed a small community of blood donors. One of his community members needed platelets for his mother who was fighting dengue. While his friend assumed he would reach on time to save his Mother, time had other plans. That was the day I realized the value of time in critical medical cases,’’ he sorrowfully recalls.

The worst of all shook him on 28th December, 2016, when Kiran got a random call mentioning someone needed blood at a hospital in Delhi. He met the wife of the patient after donating blood and was shocked to hear that she had to sell herself to sustain the ongoing treatment. Upon hearing that his own blood which was donated for free was sold to her for 1500 rs, he was left heart broken. “The same day i quit my job and committed fully to this cause”, he remarks.

What exactly is Simply Blood?

Simply blood is the World’s first virtual blood donation platform. A user needs to download the App and register as a donor by choosing a suitable date to donate. Simply Blood App will track the user’s location on the given date and share all the requests within 10 kilometers of the donor’s location. The App makes blood donation just three clicks away.

The App successfully avoids various problems in blood donation, such as:

  • brings an end to corrupt practices of charging a price to the donated blood.
  • makes possible for the needy to connect to potential donors instead of having to go through the arduous process of calling up several people for help.
  • involves no middle man, the donor can directly connect with the patient.
  • numbers of both parties are accessible only after they have mutually agreed. It ensures higher privacy protection.    


The App has organically reached 180+ countries. It has 8000+ users in 70 different countries. Simply Blood is one of the highest rated android App for blood donation. Kiran Verma was awarded with ‘Social Entrepreneur of the year 2017 in India International CSR conclave. They have saved 850+ potential lives.

In order to sustain his living and the initiative, he has now started working as a part time brand consultant.

Simply Blood App is available to the Android users on the Google Playstore. The non-android users can visit to donate blood.

“we never take money and we never make money with simply blood”- kiran verma, founder.


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  1. Brilliant work Kiran and team. You really did so much for this noble cause. Also, good job apurva in portraying the journey in such a meaningful way.

  2. Indeed a very noble deed , Kiran & team. And Apurva, a wonderful presentation of an unsung and relatively unknown hero


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