Sikkim becomes the most greenest state

The world is gradually becoming a victim of global warming. With a great amount of carbon dioxide emission and the rapid deforestation that is occurring to enable urbanization the environment has degraded to a great extent. When such is the condition in most of the states of India, the greenery crown was stolen by the state of Sikkim.


The beautiful as it is, with all the mountains and valleys the state amounts to 47.3% of forested areas when the rest of the country strives to reach 21%. The state boasts of moderate dense forest of approximately 30%, dense forest of 7% and open forest amounting to 9.84%. The state government has functioned very efficiently in making the state the greenest of all. They have taken up a 5 year plan to include an additional 1000 hectares of land under forest region. Several projects were under taken like Sikkim Green Mission which had an expenditure of 10 crore rupees in order to  grow 45 lakh plant shrubs, creepers, indigenous plants. Besides, the ‘Ten Minutes to Earth’ mission included planting of 610694 saplings in different parts of the state just within ten minutes! This project was under taken in the year 2009. The various plans and missions has indeed let to a reduction of 14000 tons of carbon dioxide reducing global warming in the region. The saplings are distributed free of cost in several check post and police booths.

The Chief Minister has started with Paryavaran Mahotsav from June 15- June 30 which is supposed to take place every year henceforth. This will enable to spread message of greenery among the citizens and will help the state hold its rank 1 position in terms of greenery!



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