Multi talented auto driver from Bengaluru wins more than 30 awards.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word – ‘auto driver’? Most probably, you will be reminded of surcharge  your last auto driver has charged you or his rash driving on the road. But Shivakumar G C, a 50 year old auto driver from Bengaluru stands apart.

He doesn’t charge extra whatever the climate (rain /sunshine ) or time maybe. He offers discounts for students, senior citizens and defense personnel. He is known for his honesty. Many a times he had returned valuables forgotten in his auto by his passengers.

Shivakumar’s auto is equipped with a library of books, first aid kit, inspirational quotes and art work. His passengers awestruck after travelling in his auto , post selfies with him on social media networks and thus popularizing him.

Shiva kumar with his auto

When asked why he chose this role, he says he is inspired by Shankar Nag’s popular film Auto Raja. Shivakumar has received 31 awards so far for his honesty mostly from Bangalore city police.

His most memorable experiences as an auto driver are when he saved an accident victim’s life and when a woman delivered in his vehicle.His identity does not end with his auto alone. Twice a week, Mr. Shivakumar turns a radio jockey and hosts a show for Radio Active.

He has also penned more than 1,500 poems. Mr. Shivakumar, who dropped out of school in class eight, helps students from lower economic background by providing books and uniforms worth Rs. 1 lakh each year

Many organisations celebrate Shankar Nag’s birthday on November 9 as autorickshaw day   



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