Sevamob : Medicine at doorstep even in remotest villages !!

Healthcare is a major drawback in the society of India. The economically backward classes of the society are not privileged enough to obtain the basic primary health care. Following these hurdles Shelly Saxena devised an innovation name Sevamob. This is an institution promoting health care to the ones in need at ease. They operate with a tower-less mobile medium offer regular facilities with a monthly subscription of 100INR to 150INR per month.


Sevamob asks to register for the subscription which provides prescription for primary health care on-premise. For further healthcare they are assisted by popular clinics, hospitals serving as 3rd parties and specialists operating in the back office for 24 hours. Primarily once subscribed the preliminary check-ups are done through the software. Physical complete check-ups are performed door to door, once in a month.  The prescribing medicines are either provided by the specialist in a ticket format or they fix an appointment in case the prescriptions are failed to be produced. Sevamob also caters to emergency issues being conjoined with the various medical institutions.


The magic of this application lies in the fact of its operation without and connection in remote areas. This has encouraged improved healthcare to the poor sections in Uttar Pradesh and the city of Lucknow. The low-income group people along with the students are highly benefitted from this new technological development. Saxena claims that their achievement has been a fruit to their uninterrupted and loyal service. Offering improved medication at such a comfortable rate is an unbelievable attempt. They have spread out the areas that they cover which has brought in a present subscription of 3000 people. This technology developed in 2011 has faced many hurdles. But they have significantly taken health care to a new level in the offbeat places of the country.



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