These Innovative cooking stoves changing villagers lives

The storm Aila in the Sunderban region of West Bengal has indeed brought about great devastation  there. With decrease in agricultural prospects it has literally become difficult for the people to carry out a proper livelihood in this region. Many migrated to the city while the others suffered in the villages striving to make fuel available for their livelihood. They had to wander in the forests with life threats from the ferocious tigers in search of twigs and branches to light up their mud stoves. Cooking, the basic necessity for living posed a great difficulty as fuel was required. Children and women have to get wood from nearby jungle everyday.



Putting this misery to an end, Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd opted to help out the villagers with their innovative stoves named Top Lift Updraft Gasifiers. This industry from Chennai devised a mechanism with which the stove operated with a minimum amount of any kind of fuel. Unlike the mud ones, it can be filled with any kind of fire-wood like coconut shells, twigs, dried leaves and grass. A little amount of fuel is required to ignite the stove and thereby it functions without letting out any kind of smoke. The air pressure system devised within it is really useful to keep it ablaze for a long time. This stove requires just 4 kilogram of firewood instead of the regular 20 kilograms required by the mud stoves for a day’s cooking! Besides, what is more exciting is this stove creates a by-product like charcoal which could be sold by the household as fuel to earn a good sum of money. The collection of charcoal due to pyrolysis for a month amounts to 15 to 20 kgs.

The Servals distributes it at a subsidised rate of Rs. 1000 among the villagers while the original rate in 25000 bucks! They aim at reaching out to more number of rural inmates such that they can earn the benefits. Many villagers have tied up with big restaurants where they supply this charcoal. The returns of the investment comes readily and also helps to maintain environmental balance!




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