School children did something about farm suicides


Everyone knows about rising incidence of farm suicides due to various reasons.  These school children from The Slate school, Hyderabad planned and executed a unique event in a nearby village – Damaragidha in Ranga Reddy District to address the issue. On the occasion of the children’s day, they organized – ‘Ma Voori Pelli’ ( Marriage of our villagers) in which every couple in the village were invited and asked to exchange garlands – symbolic of a marriage.


The main intention of the event is to raise awareness about ill effects of committing a suicide and thereby leaving the family alone. The students motivated villagers and asked them to take an oath –  “Come what may , we will not commit suicide.” They distributed clothes to the villagers. In the end, they even donated 25,000 INR to the two families which lost their beloved members due to suicide.

Most children celebrate children’s day in their schools but these children took an innovative path and proved that they too can give something back to society at such a young age. The school management must be commended for their role in initiation, execution of the program. Events like this will imbibe wonderful seeds of optimism, service mindedness in young brains which is the need of the hour.

The young hearts proved beyond doubt:

        “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting. “

Can there be a better way of celebration?

Congrats kids on being our teachers in a unique way.

                 This article is shared to us by Sri Mr.M V Gonareddy , Retd Principal,Gen Sec FEDERATION OF WORLD TEACHERS ASSOCIATIONS. Thank you sir for sharing the article and spreading the mission of Positivity. We highly encourage all our readers to share any positive news going in their surroundings. Come, lets spread positivity.

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