When fate threw disability , she coloured it beautifully

            Suffered from an accident? It is not wise to sit back grumbling about the mishaps and let others sympathise you through the rest of your life. Such an example to the society is Sarita Diwedi who has been fighting her disabilities like a ‘boss’ and impressed the world with her courage.


At the tender age of four Sarita met with an accident when she was visiting her uncle. Struck by a high voltage wire, she had lost both her arms and one leg. Her mother did not allow her to lose hope. With renewed energy she taught her to use her toes to hold the pencils. Later she trained herself to use her mouth to get grip of pen and pencils. Beside, writing she learnt to paint beautifully with her toes and mouth, and this marked the beginning of spreading colours in her not so colourful world.

   Sarita pursued her Graduation in the stream of Fine arts from Allahabad University. She had received several awards for her courage and exemplary artistic creations. She has always stunned people with her beautiful portraits and landscapes. She has bagged Rashtriya Balshri Awards and also Rashtriya Balpurashkar Award in the year 2008 organised by Sports and Youth Affairs,  Ministry of Government India. Sarita also received the silver medal in an art competition arranged by Egyptian Embassy of India.

  This is not all! Sarita has a art school where she teaches the slum kids and is adding colours to their life. The money she gets from scholarships and prize are spent on buying stationery for the children. About 25 kids are seen attending the art classes with vigour and adding hues to the white canvas.

Sarita dreams of starting a school in all aspects. She believes it is the different forms of art which elevates and brightens children’s lives. Her school would train these underprivileged children in the various art forms and educate them as well. We hope the wish of this courageous woman is achieved soon and salute her for her bravery and talent!



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