Meet India’s Malala fighting child marriages

Sanata Murmu , a tribal girl from West Bengal was a victim of child marriage at an early age of 13 years. Presently she is the mother of two children but what will inspire you is her story of achieving her goal in life!

Sanata Murmu as a child  always dreamt of being a teacher. But her parents forcing her into early marriage had surprisingly turned into a boon in her life. She could convince her husband a laborer, Gobind Hembram about her interest in studying. With assistance and support from her husband and a NGO, Child In Need Institute , she  started attending classes in Manikore High School. Her in-laws take care of her children while Sanata Murmu walks three kilometers to attend her school.

Two young mothers learning to write in a literacy class conducted by Literacy House at a village near Lucknow, in India. 1/Jan/1974. Lucknow, India. .
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She feels good to be the senior most in the class where her classmates treat her with respect. To add to the achievements, she also has been fighting the under-age marriages taking place in rural India. Till now she has been successful to stop 3 marriages of the teenage girls in her village. Her work in this field made the UN General Assembly invite her to narrate her inspirational story. She spoke about how preventing child marriages in India can  stop maternal mortality rate in the country.

Although Sanata’s father had sponsored education of both her brothers till masters, he had decided top marry her off just in class VIII. However, Sanata’s will and hard work paid off as her husband decided to stand by her to reach out to her dreams who is a class V dropout himself. Her association with the NGO helped her to get admission in the school along with recommendation of the BDO from Dinajpur district.



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