Roti Bank : A novel idea to feed the hungry by Ex-journo

          Tara Patkar, from Bundelkhand, by profession was a journalist. He quit his journalism career in 2014 and started Roti bank, a bank that goes to the doorstep of the hungry and homeless people in Mahoba, one of the Buldelkhand’s most backward districts, in order to turn the idea of “right to food” into reality. This group is managed by around 40 youngsters and 5 elders. Everyday Tara and his group members knock at every door and collect rotis and vegetables to provide food to over 1000 needy individuals.

Roti Bank founder Tara Patkar
Roti Bank founder Tara Patkar


The initiative of this group has now turned into a movement which feeds at least 1000 hungry and needy individuals every day. The aim of this group is to ensure that no one in Mahoba districts sleeps with an empty stomach. The NGO was started by this 46-year-old ex-journalist Tara Patkar and it runs with the support from Bundeli Samaj. Now they have extended their activities by adding two more villages Chhikhara and Mullah Khoda in the same district with 1000 volunteers. Roti Bank runs on charity. Furthermore, Tara Patkar told in an interview, “There is no money involved at any stage. We even brought some doctors to our centers for health check-ups, and they didn’t charge anyone”.

In fact, Tara didn’t stop here. They are planning to provide this service to 13 more districts across the Bundelkhand area. Tara told the Point Blank 7, “I have visited friends at several places, including Banda, Attara, Lalitpur, and Orai. We are also looking at other villages”. They began their service with beggars and now cover a major part of that district. They are also demanding the Government of India for AIIMS hospital specially for the needy. They have been fasting for 80 days now to get the approval from the Government. Mahoba district people suffer from several diseases like silicosis. Tara told The Telegraph in an interview, “There are fewer than 20 doctors to manage these ill-equipped centers. Same is the situation in the other districts of the region.”

Tara Patkar is putting all the possible efforts to help the needy get food and proper medical facilities. The Positive India salutes his work and hope that more people get inspired to work like him for the upliftment of the society.




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