Vexed up with inaction, residents take up repairs of civic hospital


The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Hospital in Vikhroli (East) has been in need of major repairs for over a year now, and residents have regularly complained about the state of disrepair at the civic hospital.

“When it rains heavily, the hospital administration has to temporarily shut down the operation theatre because of leakage. Staff members constantly complain about leakage in the medicine store as well. We visited the men’s general ward on Sunday evening and saw water there,” said Pravin Yadav of the residents’ body.

“Chunks of plaster and concrete fall from the roof. The structure is in bad shape. We have to clean the mess when it collapses, but once, when chunks fell, my colleague was injured. We have requested our seniors in the hospital to undertake urgent repairs,” an ayah who works in the hospital said on condition of anonymity.


Now, the Vikhroli Nagarik Manch residents’ organisation has written a letter to the BMC asking for permission to conduct ‘shramdan’ and repair the hospital. Shiv Sena corporator Upendra Sawant of Ward No 118 (Vikhroli) has also been raising the issue of patients’ safety for the last few months.

In a written response to the Vikhroli Nagarik Manch, the hospital’s chief medical officer said: “The hospital’s repairs are under review by the Health Infrastructure Cell (HIC). The budget proposal has been made and it will take some time to complete the tender process. Repairs will start after the tender process is completed.”

But Assistant Commissioner Bhagyashree Kapse said that when work is undertaken by the HIC, there is no provision for a separate budget from the ward office. “But I will send officers tomorrow to take stock of the situation and review if we can do anything there on a priority basis,” Kapse said.

“Along with experts, we will fill the cracks in the hospital structure if the situation is not improved soon,” said Sunita Bhalerao, a member of the Vikhroli Nagarik Manch.



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