How water conservation made this farmer rich despite drought

Careful planning, clever water management and perseverance results in success in any field. This is the story of a successful farmer, Ravindra Patil,  from Bidar district, Karnataka who is earning  8- 10 Lakhs per annum for each acre.

Ravindra Shivaji rao Patil  grows vegetables, ginger in his 20 acre farm in Honnikeri village in Bidar district. He carefully adopts water management techniques and doesn’t let not a single drop of rain water go waste. His farm is levelled such that all rain water flows into stream which runs in middle of farm leading to an open well. He has created bunds and canals that feed the open well, and pits that recharge the borewell.

A rain water harvesting pit (Image used for representational purpose)

Ravindra Patil uses drip irrigation technology, which is known for most efficient water usage in his farm. His wise selection of crops which have stable prices and need less water makes him stay profitable every year.

Ravindra patil at his farm (Image source : The Hindu)

It was not an easy journey for him. Ravindra Patil started with a half acre of land which is full of boulders and looked like a desert. He initially started with sugar cane but that didn’t fetch him good money. On advice of a friend, he shifted to ginger and that was a turning point. He then procured another seven acre land to grow vegetables. Today more than half of his farm has almost zero maintenance . He plans to install a bio digestor in his farm.



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