Professor begs on Mumbai trains to build schools

A management professor from reputed institute goes on begging in Mumbai’s local trains. The reason will amaze you : Sandeep Desai does this to build schools for poor children in rural Maharastra and Rajasthan areas.

Sandeep Desai

Desai’s dream was to give free education to children in rural areas through active participation from society. To achieve his dream, he decided to ask  people directly. He chose trains so that he gets good visibility. From day one, he got very positive response. At starting, commuters didn’t trust him but once he started to display pictures of school he was running with the funds collected, people began trusting him. He has been doing this for more than 5 years and he proudly says he has received donations of more than one crore.  His slogan is named aptly –  Vidya Daan Shrestha Daan (Education is the best donation one can make). At present, the trust runs five schools – three schools in Rajasthan, one in Umarkhed and one is coming up in Ratnagiri.

“Now, there are so many ways of getting in touch with people, thanks to social media. Recently, an anonymous person messaged me, saying he has transferred Rs 5,000 into the trust’s account. He said he had seen our Facebook page and wanted to extend a helping hand.” says Desai.

Talking about his inspiration, he mentions about a report on problems in rural areas by his students at SP Jain Institute of Management. That report stated that quality affordable education is still a distant dream for many in rural areas. This made him to search for solutions to that problem. He chose this way and the path was not so easy but he finally succeeded in providing education to at least some students if not all.

The Positive News salutes this man’s efforts and India needs more people like Sandeep Desai.





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