This place is epitome of NRI couple’s love for nature !!

         Conservation of nature is a major question arising in the 21st century. With fast pace development in a country like India, pollution, deforestation and degeneration of natural resources has become a routine. But this constant conjunction of development with pollution of natural resources, made Pamela and Dr. Anil Malhotra anxious.
Both Mr. And Mrs Malhotra were educated couple from USA, was settled in Hawaii. But when the couple came to India to attend the funeral of Mr. Malhotra’s father they were astonished by the decline in nature’s quality. Since childhood,  both of them were mesmerized by Nature and hence their passion for the diverse flora and fauna! The degradation of the hills of Uttarakhand in Haridwar made them decide that they need to contribute in preserving the natural ambiance in India. So, they stayed back. Anil Malhotra  was  dealing with real estate for years then, started off with Save Animals Initiative (SAI) in India!


They visited Kodagu district in Karnataka where they came across a coffee plantation of 55 acres in a denuded state. The owner wanted to sell it off as it did not earn him any profit. The couple brought it and started restoring the flora and fauna back in the place. The lands treated as wastelands by farmers added up and they ended up owning as huge as 300 acres of land in Brahmagiri (Western Ghats). They sold off their properties in Hawaii and settled to restore the beauties of Nature.

For about 25 years now, Pamela and Anil Malhotra have dedicated their life reforesting the region. The reforestation welcomed wide varieties of animals and insects to make this sanctuary their home. Facing several difficulties from legal grounds, government and poachers, they have successfully settled up the private sanctuary. This place bears a 700 year old and strong banyan tree, numerous varieties of birds, insects. Leopards and about 10 elephants have found their home in this sanctuary. The Malhotra’s suggest that about 300 species of flora and fauna are seen in this self made sanctuary. Many threatened and endangered species of animals and birds and tendered within this sanctuary. The more than 100 varieties of plants and herbs of uncountable medicinal values are grown and maintained.

The dream of looking after nature and giving India a better future made this couple register their trusts Save Animal Initiative Sanctuary Trust with Karnataka Government in the year 2002. The sanctuary is maintained and looked after by the Trust and are allowed tax deductions.

This endeavour by Anil Malhotra is a remarkable approach towards conservation of Nature and natural resources which are degrading at a very faster rate. The Malhotra are indeed a boon to the Mother Nature!



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