Pollution free car for a cleaner society

Sayed Sajjad Ahmed marked his name in the minds of the people through his brilliance. This 63 year old man was a vegetable seller who had successfully started with his own repairing shop. He had managed to grasp the art of making antennas all by himself! Although not educated beyond class XII, he had educated his two sons on legal field and has daughter facing physical disability.

Pollution free car
Mr. Ahmad looks forward towards propagation of a concept of a non polluted and corruption free nation. A great follower of Anna Hazare, he has developed a car dedicated to the disabled which works on photovoltaic cells. The car has attached solar panels which provide about 40% of the power and the rest are generated by the battery on recharging it. It is a four-seater three wheeled vehicle having the capacity to travel for 30 kilometres for an hour.  Sayed Sajjad Ahmad has already travelled 3000 kilometres in the southern part of the subcontinent spreading message through the in-built technology of the car.  He plans to travel further round the country spreading his innovation worth Rs.50,000. He propagates the message for cleaner society both environmentally and socially being inspired by Hazare.

The man has already received the prestigious Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam Environment Award in the year 2006. His vision that corruption leads to deterioration in the life of the underprivileged and pollution affects health has indeed earned lot of respect in India.  He endows a part of his earnings on social welfare programmes and the other part on the improvement of technology is truly commendable!



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