This person’s deed is real example of communal harmony

            The country has been facing a lot of communal tension in the recent times. With many occurrences of intolerance, the writers, celebrities have protested this ongoing communal tension in several manners. Responding to the nations plead to initiate fraternity among the various religions, a simple man has stepped forward to bring about unity in diversity in real sense.

Representative Image ; Image credits : Wikipedia

          Dilip Kale, has brought about a new ray of hope in the history of establishing communal harmony in the nation after so many incidents of intolerance occurred in various fields. When the Muslim community in Dharavi faced a difficulty in the process of offering prayers after they had put their old mosque under renovation, it is this Hindu tradesman who has brought about a revolution. The man allowed his Muslim friends to offer their prayers in his very shop named Jazz Leathers. The man aged 53 years, has also arranged marble flooring in the ground floor of Bajrangbali Buliding, in the ground floor of which his shop is located, so that Muslim community of this region can offer their namaaz at peace in his 2500 square feet shop without any disturbance. This step has literally revealed a new horizon towards establishing communal peace among all the diverse sects in the nation.

   The Positive news hails this man’s gesture and hope this communal harmony among us lasts forever.



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