Old woman from AP does something incredible

            Ganikamma is 75 years old woman from a little known village, Chitemma cheruvu from East Godavari district. She doesn’t have children to look after her. She used to work as daily laborer. All she have is a small piece of land with her house in it. Most of the villagers involve themselves in agriculture related activities. And all their children have only one primary school for education .

              Due to recent road expansion activities near the village, it has been decided to remove the school. This news came as a rude shock to villagers. Everyone in the village were worried about their children’s education . Ganikamma doesn’t have any children but still she has immense love for the school children and their education.  This love made her donate her entire property –  land with the building to the school. The property is worth more than 20 Lakhs and it is her hard earned property.

              She says – “I don’t have any desires at this age. I live alone and I won’t live for more time. It makes me happy when I remember that  my property is useful for a noble purpose. I want the villagers to be happy and village to be happy. I know that I can’t take anything when I die. I want this village to remember me even after my death.”

               Although, Ganikamma is illiterate , she has a great message for us. She interacts with the children every day and encourages them to study hard so that their life will be good. The villagers and local leaders promised that they will look after Ganikamma as she doesn’t have a house to live now. The Positive News and all our readers appreciate the Ganikamma’s act.

              Do you know some one who did this type of service activity – now or before ? Let us know. Come join in the mission to spread positivity.

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