Ola’s positive response to chennai’s rains

Taxi aggregator company ola’s positive response to help out chennai’s residents. Incessant rains pounding chennai since a week. Almost all roads, down trodden places are logged with water.
Weather predictions show that the rains will continue for three more days. At this moment, Ola has come out with direct action to help chennai residents. They deployed boats with professional rowers to rescue people in water logged areas.

“While we are addressing the increased demand for transportation in city, we are working closely with local stakeholders to help ferry those stranded in waterlogged areas,” Ola, business head (Tamil Nadu), Ravi Teja said

Chennai residents and The Positive News congratulates OLA for their positive initiative. It would be good if more MNCs operating in chennai would come up with such initiative to benefit the flood affected Chennai.

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