Read about a novel banking concept – “Roti Bank”

Banks in the country supposedly provide assistance to the citizens regarding finance. India witnessed another endeavor in Maharashtra, just after Uttar Pradesh. A person named Yusuf Mukati had devised a novel concept called Roti Bank in Bundalekhand. His motive is to ensure food security for the needy. This bank requests people to donate some of their home cooked food in the “Roti Bank”, such that it can be distributed among the underprivileged at ease. They offer a form confirming a membership to the bank and hence people can come by and deposit a part of their meal. It is ensured that beggars are not entertained but the provisions are made to ensure regular meals to the sick, unemployed, children from the deprived sections. This bank has also created a mark in Aurangabad and had attracted the attention of a large number of people.

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Besides, their growing popularity and the noble purpose had an effect on event organizers. The wedding planners had now associated themselves with this concept. They donate the remains of the meal in the occasions to the bank such that the poor can enjoy a good meal. The bank operates for 12 hours starting from 11am to 11pm. It gives an open invitation to the donors and the recipient to deposit and receive at any point of time.

This measure adopted by Mukati, his wife Kauser and his sisters demands a hearty acknowledgement. They are presently on the mission which caters fooding to approximately 500 people per day in each of its two branches.

“The membership is growing, and occasionally food deposits are also higher than expectations — So, on an average, we feed around 500 poor people daily . As word spread about the noble venture wedding organisers started dispatching the extra food left over due to guest absenteeism. Since launch, at least six Hindu wedding organizers sent us 50-60 plates of excellent vegetarian food and another dozen Muslim marriage organizers also sent a similar quantity of non-vegetarian fare. We store it separately in huge freezers with a capacity for 700 packets. The beneficiaries can take the food of their choice (veg/non-veg),” said Mukati  to India times while appealing to big restaurants, deluxe hotels, corporate and industrial canteens, flight kitchens and mega-event organisers to contribute their unconsumed, extra food for the Roti Bank.

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