A new positive outlook to preserve tiger population

The governmental statistics often suffice us with the numbers of tigers alive. But, they are often not the actual numbers those exist! This confusion had led Dharmendra Kandhal to count the number of existing tigers in Ranthambore. When Sariska was hardly left with these wild cats, Ranthambore and only 25 according to Kandhal, which was officially stated as 47! Kandhal took an amazing method to count the number of felines actually existing in Ranthambore National park. He photographed each of the tigers. Since each of them had unique stripes he kept a track of each and counted that there are only 26 of these cats alive there.

Source : Flickr

Moreover further research by this man concluded the serious poaching activities that have been regular in the park. Rathiod, who was guiding Kandhal’s work, encouraged him with his mission. Kandhal gathered people to go around the conservation ground and what they did was indeed mesmerizing? In 2005 he created an anti-poaching team which instead of punishing the poachers they motivated them and turned them into conservers of these glamorous felines. They were successful in transforming scores of them into conservators whereas the more stringent ones had to be arrested. The use of local informers turned out to be a real boon for this project.

He was felicitated in Kolkata with Green Guard Award for his endeavour towards protecting the tigers in the Ranthambore national Park. Rajasthan Government was forced to note his contribution towards protection of these wild creatures. The number of tigers increased rapidly as an effect of his measures. In the award ceremony in Kolkata he repeatedly focussed on the need to have a transparent census of the tigers alive in the various national parks in the country. His commendable and brave effort towards protection of tigers demands a salute!





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