Nangjop Thapah’s #nolitter campaign

“Be the change you want to see.” A quote my Mahatma Gandhi. Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. A boy Nangjop Thapah who lives in Shillong started a campaign called #nolitterShillong on 26th June 2017 which created waves on the social media on the very first day of its commencement. People have shown a great interest in the campaign. There is a lot of positive response towards this step from all over the nation.

Inspiration for Nangjop

Instead of waiting for the change this 24 year old decided to become the big change.
“There was always this persistent feeling within myself about making a difference in society. I often found places littered and then wondered about how something had to be done. I belong to the Khasi community and we take great pride in our cleanliness. But it was more like only preaching but doing nothing,” he said.

Though the capital city of Meghalaya is probably one of the few cities in the country that practiced waste segregation, even before the launch of the Swachh Bharat Campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nangjop believes a lot more could be done if common people involve themselves towards managing the menace of littering. His belief resulted in the #NoLitterShillong campaign.

Way forward

Thapah had pledged to keep up the good work, keeping pace and momentum of this activity. He wants this model to inspire the youth to follow this trend of keeping the surroundings clean.

Gradually, he is also planning to include the people in his neighborhood to help him carry forward the task to a larger scale. With his enthusiasm and zeal he has also planned how the work has to be done by making a tentative schedule.



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