Nagpur’s boon to motorists fighting scorching heat – Tarpaulin Covers

      Travelling in hot sun during summer on a two wheeler  can be termed as an adventure. Despite this, some motorists have to go out due to unavoidable situations.  Imagine when a red appears on traffic signal during the commute. The wait will be horrible situation due to hot sun rays. To avoid this, many motorists start jumping the signals which leads to chaos at junctions. This problem is a common sight in many cities. Authorities at Nagpur, one of the hottest cities in India have come up with innovative solution .They  installed  tarpaulin covers near traffic signals to provide some shade to people on the streets at regular intervals.nagpur1


Now motorists get regular shade at intervals and are protected from hot sun. As a result of the initiative everyone have become law abiding and no one is jumping the signal now. In fact, it can be noticed that some of the motorists are not moving even after a green signal is given.




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