Kerala: A Changed Perspective of Government Schools!

A unique and innovative educational development project was initiated by the local MLA, Pradeep Kumar of Kerala. He has set an example for all government schools across India by virtue of Nadakkavu School. It is one of the few government schools that boasts of offering world-class standards to the students.

Kerela, government school, initiative

I believe that each student is a remarkable person and has his/her own individuality. Considering this, I am giving opportunity and making arrangements for each of my students,” says Koshy Alex, a mathematics teacher at Government Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls at Nadakkavu, Kozikode in Kerala.

The Initiative

The initiative – promoting Regional School to International Standards focuses on increasing the quality of education. Efforts are being made to establish world class infrastructural facilities. Inputs are being taken from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode to enhance the teaching skills. The cost of the entire project is estimated to be around 17 crore rupees!

Major transformations have been noticed in the government school which include the opening of new classrooms, well-stocked library, proper canteen, hygienic toilets, interactive science centre and much more. The school was handed over to the government in December 2013 and since then, it has set an example for many other schools.


Everyone doesn’t really have a great notion related to ‘government’ schools but this initiative in Kerala has stunned a major crowd! Furthermore, we hope that constant efforts are made in order to improve the standards of education in all government schools.



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