Model village digitised by ICICI bank

With the air of digitalization gushing through the country, the ICICI’s bank concept of creating “Digital India” got a surface in a village of Gujarat. ICICI bank has emerged to be the one offering financial assistance to the upcoming businesses in the country. They have confirmed to their service by catalysing the concept of Digital India. Akodara, a village near Sabarkanth has been adopted for the purpose by Narendra Modi in order to create a model of a digital village in the subcontinent.

Image Credits : The Hindu

Here, financial transactions are cashless, text books are paperless, children read books on LED monitors and Tabs, patients can avail the facility of telemedicine and wi-fi connectivity is available across the village.  The ICICI bank has initiated this attempt by setting up cashless banking in the village. They have commenced with a three way programme the first being to ensure the provision of banking for all. It has taken up the programme in order to secure the provision of bank accounts. They are created with ease without any paper work. Besides, the second phase involves inclusion of technology in the society. The schools have come up with digital attendance sheet, smart boards and the technological equipments for education. They envision thirdly reaching out all the new technology to the village. The high speed internet connections covering the village and the increasing number of ATMs have indeed helped in making the village digital! It has also constituted the first cashless market in a village (mandi) giving the ultimate way to cashless transactions.

Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director & CEO, ICICI Bank said “We are proud to have converted Akodara in Gujarat from a village into a digital village. Our objective has been to show that technology can be used to eliminate barriers that separate rural and urban India. We hope that it will catalyse similar initiatives across the country and recreate rural India.”

Positive news salutes this initiative ensuring digitization to the farthest extreme of the country!



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