This Mexican ambassador uses auto to curb pollution in India

Melba Pria, the Mexican ambassador in the country has taken an innovative and most attractive way to ensure the reduction of pollution in one of the world’s most polluted city, Delhi. Unlike many of her counterparts who travel in luxurious personalized sedan, Pria has arranged for herself a personalized autorickshaw! Owning one of them was not easy as she had to ensure permissions and talk to MEA for ambassador plates. However, Pria conveys it is the most efficient and non-polluting means of communication available in the city as it operated with CNG. When spoken about security issues, she wants to travel like one of the inmates of the city of Delhi.

Melba Pria

The magnificently designed autorickshaw by Mexican artist Senkoe have designed it with dash of colours promoting Mexican tourism and has Mexican flag attached along with ambassador number plates. The attractive, unusual and funny designs have captured attention on streets. Pria acknowledges that this upholds the cultural heritage of India and is also the most compact and efficient means of transportation. Her chauffer Rajendra Kumar who is working in embassy for 2009, has learnt how to drive the non-motored vehicle and is very excited about it! She has taken inspiration from how Mexico has tackled the pollution problems. Pria has taken the auto to meet Mexican Foreign Minister on a visit to the country.

Melba Pria’s new mode of communication has presented problems too, as she was prevented from entering from the Parliament, Indian habitat Centre and other places as the guards failed to realise, the auto belonged to the ambassador. Pria, is reported to cycle 50 kms everyday to keep herself fit. Despite, all the issues she is determined to use auto as her transport. Anand Niketan, where she stays is honoured to have such a beautiful vehicle. Her step towards reducing pollution in the capital city is a lesson to all the citizens that it is time to think of protecting the environment!



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