The Metro Man of India

After the article on Missile man of India, we decided to write about another extraordinary man – E Sreedharan, popularly called as Metro Man of the country. He was popular for his role in building of the Konkan railway and Delhi metro which carries 2 Million passengers every day. Under him the Delhi Metro completed on time and under budget – a proud achievement for any infrastructure project in the country. The metro’s charges are one of the cheapest in the whole world.

He was the incharge of DMRC from 1995-12 . The people in the capital were suffering a lot due to heavy traffic. The govt runs buses for public transport but they were not sufficient. The roads were jammed for longer times. At this moment, the Delhi Metro was taken forward. E Sreedharan was made chief of DMRC. For him – time is money. How many govt officials have this enthusiasm and values. There was some political will but the credit of taking bureaucracy forward goes the metro man. At a moment, a huge pipe line shifting which could have taken 2 years to move by civic authorities was moved by DMRC in 30 days alone. He got the first reputation when he restored the Pamban bridge connecting Tamilnadu to Rameswaram in 46 days against target of 90 days.After successful completion of Delhi Metro he was awarded second highest civilian award padma Vibhushan in 2008

E Sreedharan at work

When someone says, Delhi metro success should be attributed to him – he says in response it’s the team success such is his humility at the age of 80. Under his aegis, Delhi metro was transformed into a corporate like scenario with highly motivated team who are always ready to learn new things. He believes in motivation employees on the mission and motivation is his mantra for success. He is popularly known for givin Bhagavad Gita book for all his managers as he felt that it has helped him a lot in day to day activites.

When asked how to improve public transportation in NCR : Expanding the metro network is good but the government has to take steps to stop proliferation of private vehicles. I don’t understand why the government is not taking any initiative. It should improve public transport and allow private operators to run bus services. There should be low floor, narrow, fuel efficient buses running on Indian roads, especially in the NCR. The government should allow private parties to ply buses, give them incentives and make it profitable for them. As incentives, the government can do away with registration tax and road tax which together account for 25% of the cost. Public transport scenario can change in one year in the Capital. Current Sreedharan is working as principal advisor of kochi, lucknow, visakhapatanam and vijaywada metros.

E Sreedharan at work

     The Positive NEWS salutes this hero – Metro man of India



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