‘Meal for plastic’ initiative in Bhubaneshwar

‘Meal for Plastic’ initiative has been started by Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation (BMC) in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme. This initiative is a part of Odisha’s Aahaar Yojana. We are aware of the severity of plastic menace worldwide, besides our country. To get rid of the mess created by plastic and for raising awareness about the harm being done to the environment, various initiatives have been undertaken by several organizations, Aahaar Yojana being is one of them!

Aahaar Yojana– The ‘Meal for Plastic’ initiative

meal for plastic

People willing to be a part of this initiative have to do a simple task of visiting one of the Aahaar Centres in the city. There is a total of 11 centres, so it is easy to find one in one’s proximity! By giving away a half kilogram of plastic, they can get a one-time meal.

With this initiative, the Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation is solving two issues in a go – the threat posed by plastic and providing for the undernourished sections of the society. People are ignorant of the danger of plastic usage. They do not realize what they are doing to the environment and hence, the Earth at large! On the other hand, there are so many people in this world who are unable to feed themselves one proper meal a day. This initiative has found a wonderful solution to both of these problems.

With the help of this initiative, BMC aims to spread awareness that giving away plastic can provide for a meal. So, instead of hoarding plastic or throwing them on the roads, people can just take them to the Aahaar Centres and satiate their hunger in return!

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