You will be amazed by this man’s selfless service activity

             Can South and North poles come together ? Does a man with no formal education plan for and run and ideal educational institute ? The apparent answer to above questions will be a NO. But the concrete YES comes from the life and achievements of the Late Acharya Chanda Kanthaiah (28-11-1904 to 26-8-1967 )

Chanda Kanthaih

             Born into the humble family of Chanda Ratnaiah and Jaggamma in Warangal, Kanthaiah was a self made man . With not much formal education, he learned life skills from Nerella Jagannadham and Business techniques from Sri Ram Narayan Balakrishnan. Starting business at an early age he grew rapidly , married Rohini, had two sons and daughters – Vidyanath, Vijay Kumar, Om kareswari and Vasundhara.

             Early success in business awakened the philanthropist, philosopher, social reformer, spiritualist, king maker, lover of literature, patron of institutes etc in Chanda Kanthaiah. Prominent among the long list of Kanthaiah’s achievements include

  • Building two wards, nurses quarters and Doctor’s quarter in the then Maternity hospital in Warangal
  • Five acres land donation to MGM hospital Warangal in the prime location which is worth tens of crores today.
  • Starting of Andhra Vidhyabhi Vardhini school in 1944 – the first school offering Telugu as a medium in the erstwhile Nizam’s regime – that now expanded to PG institute
  • Helped over 100 poor families to get their daughters married
  • Took along with him three compartments full of piligrims to Kashi with his own money.
  • Donated 1001 Rs (Substantial in those days) to Benaras Hindu University on meeting Madan Mohan Malviya, its founder
  • Received about half a dozen titles including one from the then Nizam ruler.
  • Restored a tank in Palasa of Karimnagar (dt) irrigating 300 acres of land
  • With a single glance, made her wife donated all her gold to Gandhi once and Nehru once
  • Helped build a hostel and temple in Warangal
  • Strived hard for popularization and preservation of our culture and traditions
  • Donated 14 Lakhs rupees in 1964 for various service activities when daughters were yet to be married off and sons were yet to be educated.

                Carrying forward Kanthaiah’s heritage, sons and AVV society executive body conducts potana festival in every December in AVV institutes on a large scale.

             Dr. Vijay Kumar proudly and happily recollects his father’s words : “I didn’t get property from my father. Don’t expect from me. 60 % of my property goes to charity. 20 % to an uncle . And for you children, just 20 %” And the true children of Chanda Kanthaiah fully endorsed father’s views.

                   Hats off to Mr.Chanda Kanthaih . This country needs more people like you.

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  1. A great role model to others who can afford to take part in charitable activities to come to the rescue of the poor and the hapless and also to help the development and growth of the nation thereby.


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