Man writes his ideas to PMO, gets surprising response !!

        Chaitanya Gopinath is a common man like many of us. He too , like many of us read about soldiers dying in Siachen due to avalanches. He was surprised to know that Lance Hanumanthappa was alive after 6 days under ice. And now the question which came to his mind was – “The technology has evolved so much. But still we couldn’t find a cost effective solution to detect humans buried under ice/debris during calamities”. There are instruments which can detect human presence but they are very expensive and cannot be deployed everywhere

Now he started thinking and working towards it. In matter of few days, he came up with three ideas which could help us manufacture a device to detect human presence under debris at 500 INR/device. He immediately wrote to Prime Minsiter’s Office (PMO)

Within a few days came the reply, not from PMO but from Director of Defence Bio Engineering and Electro Medical Laboratory (DEBEL) inviting him for a talk.

PMO Office (Image for representational purpose only)
PMO Office (Image for representational purpose only)

Chaitanya was asked to explain his three ideas to a small gathering of directors of all departments. And discussions with seniors scientists continued for three hours. Director of DEBEL assured that these ideas can be implemented and will be delivered to army within four months.

It is to be noted that some trails were also being conducted at artificial pits in the laboratory. This incident has taught as a valuable lesson – Stop complaining. Start doing.


  1. Kudos to you, Chaitanya!! You will help save many, many lives and you will also leave numerous thankful families!! You certainly have made a difference!!


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