Man gears up to bring down noise pollution

Stress, hearing impairment and high blood pressure are the increasing diseases caused due to the growing noise pollution. Honking by the vehicles was meant to be a gesture of emergency. But with time, the drivers have misused them honking loudly during traffic congestion or in a signal. The children and the aged are the main victims of this pollution.

don't honk
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Ravi Kalra has brought in a new ray of hope into this darkness of pollution. The shelter provider to the strayed animals in Gaushala and also the helping hand to the distress are now moving towards bringing an end to the nuisance created by noise. He founded the forum named Earth Saviour’s Foundation encouraging means to decrease noises made by vehicles. Ravi’s visit to the government officials and buildings has proved futile over years which instigated to start the campaign all by him. He uses his saved up money to demonstrate and print the “Do not Honk” stickers for the cars and other vehicles. You can also find his team holding up the stickers by the road, requesting the drivers to put on the no honking stickers at the rear of the vehicles or the wind shields to spread awareness far and wide.


This innovative initiative has received recognition as Ravi has managed to announce 1st of January to be “No Honking Day”. Besides, the police officials have therefore become more

Traffic jam in India (Image for representational purpose )
Traffic jam in India (Image for representational purpose )

active on imposing fine to the ones unnecessarily disturbing the peacefulness of the city! His measure has comparatively decreased the level of noise pollution in the capital city of Delhi.




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